Verizon Nexus One and iPhone what and why questions

The Verizon iPhone, the Verizon Nexus One, what and why questions, is what we will talk about for a little bi today.

These two smartphones will be released on the Verizon network, but we know they are just a little too far away at the moment and it is like you are all on a fishing trip. Oh no now you think we are losing our marbles, far from it.

The reason we say fishing trip is because we always take the bait in believing what we read and sometimes we do not help by publishing articles about release dates and pricing etc, it is like you are the bait and many blogs including ourselves are the fishing rods, but we only report the news when we hear about it and of course mention our sources etc.

So why have we called this the “what and why questions?” well it is simple really, on the what and why side of things we would love to know:


  • What smartphone would you choose out of the Verizon iPhone or Nexus One?
  • What will the release dates be for each handset?
  • What tariffs will be available for each phone?


  • Why is it that Verizon will not give us insights to release dates or prices?
  • Why do you want the Verizon iPhone?
  • Why do you want the Verizon Nexus One?

Do I need go on, there are so many things you would love answered and we will surely let you know as soon as we do.

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