Verizon iPhone CDMA: Why AT&T will gain from release

The Verizon iPhone is scorching news at the moment and we can see why considering the benefits of what this new iPhone CDMA release could have in store for AT&T.

If Apple and Verizon do release the new iPhone this could be fantastic for AT&T customers, we all know that competition is healthy and if Verizon get the device AT&T will step its game plan up immensely, for example its network would get strong, better customer service and so much more, yes they will dig deep and come back strong.

The Big Red and Big Blue scenario is definitely a very good business plan especially for AT&T customers, Yes of course Verizon sales would go through the roof there is no doubting that, and AT&T’s network will be very much stronger and capable of becoming a stronger competitor.

The speed and availability of AT&T’s 3G data network is a problem and issues with dropped calls, really needs to be sorted out and we believe the Verizon iPhone release will spur them on. AT&T is investing in improving and expanding its network more than ever now.

If you are an AT&T customer, will you stay with them or move on over to Verizon once they release the iPhone?

Source — PC World via Device Mag


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  1. Alin says:

    Currently, yes. You cannot browse the web or download data while on a call. However, they may choose to modify their infrastructure to fix this.

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