Verizon Nexus One Release Date Confirmed for April, love it

Now when it comes to the Verizon Nexus One and its release date we have to stay optimistic, this time round it has been confirmed that it will release in Spring 2020 April sometime, yeah right.

According to World Buzz Now they say that the April release date has been confirmed and its time to celebrate, they go on to say that this is not any ordinary announcement, as it will be confirmed.

The Google Nexus One site does clearly show that this handset on Verizon will be Spring 2010 but does not show any exact date, personally we believe that they are not ready for it yet; just have a hunch as they say.

So, will the Verizon Nexus One be released April 2010, or not? Verizon please do us a favour and contact us and let us know a few little teaser details.


7 thoughts on “Verizon Nexus One Release Date Confirmed for April, love it”

  1. We did not mean for this to be misleading, that is why we put at the end of the title “Love it”, which was a little sarcasm. We should have been a little clearer, but the article speaks for itself.

  2. Omar says:

    I am getting tired of Apple and all their crying!!!
    Now they uped the lawsuit by making the US ban HTC shipment. if this passes kiss the NEXUS ONE good bye for Verizon!!! I HATE YOU APPLE!!!

  3. Ryan says:

    This makes no sense b/c the Nexus one is already available for T-mobile.
    Unless it would block new sales as well.
    This makes Apple look bad, and I wonder how this affects a possible iPhone deal with Verizon

  4. mike says:

    lol this was obviously a sarcastic piece. i got it. the original article was completely ridiculous. it looked like it was written by a bot or something. btw the whole “nexus one getting banned” bit is stupid. the only site i saw report that was ozcarguide and theyre just writing opinion. its a load of crap.

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