Windows Phone 7 Series now Officially just Windows Phone 7

The problem with monikers is if they are too long people don’t seem to like them, and it appears that such is the case with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series moniker as according to an article over on gizmodo, Microsoft has officially dropped Series.

The info about Microsoft’s decision to shorten Windows Phone 7 Series down to Windows Phone 7 came via the Windows Phone Twitter, which stated…”Tis the season for Series finales. We’ve got one too — dropping the ‘Series’ and keeping the ‘Windows Phone 7’.’ Done.

So at last we no longer have to type out Series at the end of Windows Phone 7 thus making it easier on the fingers I guess, although I would probably prefer it if they had simply just gone for the much shorter version WP7, they could have even kept the ‘Series’ if they renamed it WP7S, so much simpler.

Still even at just Windows Phone 7, it’s still somewhat of a mouthful and still hard on the fingers, but you can’t have it all as they say, so we’ll be satisfied that Microsoft has at least dropped the last word, perhaps they realised that most had already dropped the ‘Series’ anyway.

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