Windows Phone 7 Panoramic UI Patent Filed by Microsoft

With the current mobile world rife with patent infringement lawsuits, it appears that Microsoft wants to tie down the new innovative Panoramic User Interface found in Windows Phone 7 Series operating system so they don’t end up going the same route.

To this end, unwired view is reporting that Microsoft has filed a patent for the Panoramic User Interface and judging by the documents it appears Microsoft has been working on the Panoramic User Interface for Windows Phone 7 Series since back in September of 08.

The guys say that this is “probably” the first patent application for Windows Phone 7 Series and no doubt there will be several more to follow but there is a question as to just how many concepts the US Patent Office will see as true innovations.

Obviously Microsoft hops that if the patent is granted on the Panoramic User Interface, it will put a halt to anyone wanting to copy the innovation, or at least give Microsoft the legal grounds to make it difficult for competitors to copycat the idea.

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