Verizon iPhone and Verizon Nexus One, Which would Win

There’s been a lot of hype hitting the net waves ever since rumours of the long awaited CDMA iPhone would be hitting the Big Red, but as far as anyone really knows at the moment the Verizon iPhone hasn’t been confirmed. But we do know that Verizon will be gaining the Android packing Google Nexus One.

Likewise we are all probably aware of what the Nexus One brings to Verizon whereas on the other hand we can only guess what a CDMA iPhone would bring to Verizon in the way of features and specifications; currently it’s all speculation about the Verizon iPhone whereas everyone knows what the Nexus One is like.

So presuming the Nexus One hits the Big Red this month as previously reported (here) and presuming that Apple does indeed get their tech finger out of their tech asses and actually deliver a CDMA iPhone to Verizon say in June, would the Verizon Nexus One suffer from the launch of the Verizon iPhone?

Obviously Google is hoping to make huge Nexus One sales via Verizon, but with only a few months to wait for the arrival of a Verizon iPhone, will customers simply hold off going for the Nexus One in the hopes the Verizon iPhone will appear? And if it does materialise which of the smartphones would reign supreme on the Big Red network?


4 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone and Verizon Nexus One, Which would Win”

  1. a realist says:

    since the Nexus One is a superior phone, the Droid already reigns on Verizon, I think it will be the iPhone that suffers. The same fate already befell the Palm Pre Plus. The Droid killed it. Yes, Apple has the hype from writers like you, but so did the Blackberry Storm, Storm 2, and the Palm devices. Verizon subscribers aren’t Apple lemmings like the tech press. Besides, the Nexus One will only suffer if it employs the same strategy as it does with T-Mobile. On-line sales with Google.com.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Basically if the old tech iphone, the nexus one wins hands down. If it looks like the verizon iphone might be a new, updated release with better technology, that might get me onboard.

  3. Cappidad says:

    Assuming I were still using a functioning phone and could wait, I’d hang on until both were offered by Verizon, then pick the phone based on features, functionality, and cost. Since I recently could not wait any longer (due to a nearly dead Palm Treo), I compared the Droid and HTC Eris and chose the Eris. I have been pleased, but will still take another look when possible upgrade time arrives about March 1 next year. At the rate this stuff changes, who knows what the hot phone(s) will be at that time….

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