3D Panels for Mobile Phones to be launched by Sharp

This year Sharp plan on producing 3D displays for mobile phones and other mobile devices which will no need the use of special glasses for viewing, with a view to hoping that the demand for 3D displays will grown beyond cinemas and home entertainment to the mobile arena reports Reuters.

Back in the early 2000s, Sharp launched mobile phones with a screen which enabled the user to view 3D images without 3D glasses however they didn’t catch on due to the lack of 3D content, the bulkiness and low brightness, but since then Sharp has evolved the 3D display into thinner and brighter displays with touch panel function and higher resolution.

Yoshisuke Hasegawa, the Exec Managing Officer for Sharp has said “In the 2D era, contents and infrastructure have spread from movies to homes and from homes to mobile devices. We believe the same thing will happen with 3D. Three-dimensional images that mostly inhabit big screens now are about to hit mobile terminals.”

However, Hasegawa would not confirm a sales target for Sharp’s new 3D displays, but did state that Sharp has already received inquiries about the new 3D displays from mobile phone manufacturers and others.

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