Verizon iPhone dates remain mystery but will you get one?

There are still lots of rumours surrounding the Verizon iPhone 4G or the iPhone 2010, and they continue to come in thick and fast. Most sites have reported a little something over the last week.

It would seem that the actual release date of the Verizon iPhone will remain a mystery for a little while longer perhaps until WWDC 2010 of course we can expect to still see lots of rumours in relation to specs, release dates, images and those leaked video clips.

It seems Apple are keeping their lips tightly buttoned on this one and wont relay any information earlier than they intend to. Other phone brands could be worried about the impact the iPhone may have such as RIM makers of BlackBerry as they are top for Smartphone market share presently.

There may be some problems for some phone users especially those that have updated their phones and moved networks to AT&T recently. The cost of ending a contract early will hit you in the pocket and so the question being asked although you probably have time to ponder on it. Is are you willing or prepared to pay the price to end your contract early to get your hands on the Verizon iPhone 4G, if and when its released hopefully this year. Source – onlinesocialmedia.net

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