Verizon HTC Incredible Proof: OTA, AKEY, Quick, Extended Programming

The HTC Incredible has been spotted on Verizon system again, which means they must be ready and waiting in the warehouse.

The photo above according to Engadget mobile says is from a genuine CelleBrite machine that Verizon uses, and it apparently transfers information from one phone to another.

The image above clearly and without a doubt shows the HTC Incredible listed, it does not shows release dates but we will let you know. Does the image mean that this handset is stocked in a warehouse?

Even more interesting on Verizon’s website it shows OTA, AKEY, Quick and Extended Programming, this page gives a quick run down and how-to’s. Take a look right here, it shows to proof the HTC Incredible is getting ready for release and sooner than we think.

Source — Android Forums

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