Nokia Vertu Constellation Ayxta unboxed

Here’s an interesting article from the guys over at slashgear.com via geardiary.com in relation to a rather expensive Nokia cellphone. The Nokia Vertu Constellation Ayxta.

So what do you get for your hard earned cash all $7k’s worth of it. Well, your sure to get plenty of stainless steel for that cash some leather a 2.4 inch HVGA display and the functionality you’d expect on a basic Nokia device.

Not surprisingly the Nokia Constellation Ayxta comes under the luxury area of Nokia and apparently somebody has actually bought one. Drew at Gear Diary. The chances are the likes of me or you won’t ever get the opportunity to experience Vertu ownership but thanks to Drew for sharing the unboxing also.

It is all packed in leatherette boxes and there are a number of different travel adaptors as the Constellation Ayxta is a quad band WCDMA. There is a more expensive version of this phone you have the option of getting it with black ceramic keys for a substantial price difference. The MRSP for the device is a whopping AUD$8400 ($7.720) although it seems you should be able to haggle a bit on that price.

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