Apple stocks rocket with Verizon iPhone rumours and iPad launch

Apple stocks have gone through the roof with the constant rumours of the Verizon iPhone and of course the recent launch of the Apple iPad.

People all over are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new Apple iPhone CDMA and ignoring the conflicting signals that the company are dishing out in this regard.

The rumours are not going away and Apple followers are taking it upon themselves to celebrate at a time when the company has just launched the iPad which is calls a revolutionary product. The stocks are at a high and are expected to get even higher real soon.

With the large buzz which surrounds Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad and iPod, Apple have earned a tremendous market capitalization throughout the years and well deserved. The stocks have reached $235 per share at the end of last month. This has helped Apples capitalization touch $210 billion which is quite close to Microsoft’s market value of $259.9 billion. Source – khabrein.info

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