Nokia N900 overclocked to 1GHz: 900MHz is more stable

Looks like the Nokia N900 has been overclocked to 1GHz, this means that users will see a massive improvement in speed.

Someone named Lehto over on Maemo.org said that they increased the voltage, tests have been done and many applications have been tested that require heavy CPU calculating power, after tests of 10-15min bursts they did not notice any behavioural problems at 950mhz.

The report does go on to say that they do not encourage anyone running anything faster than stock clock speeds, in that they mean that you should never run it past at least 600mhz.

Speeds of 1GHz have been tested, well 1,050MHz still boots to be precise but 900MHz is the maximum stable clock speed.

For more information please visit Engadget and do watch the video below, please let us know your thoughts on the above.

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