Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series now Windows Phone 7

Microsoft have had a change of heart and have now realised the journalists pain all around the world having to type out Windows Phone 7 Series so have decided to drop the Series to save all that bother.

No seriously, Microsoft have actually confirmed that they are getting rid of the Series element from the Windows Phone 7 Series moniker. From now on it will be known just as Windows Phone 7.

As they probably realised eventually that having to say Series at the end didn’t really have any important meaning and was a bit of a mouthful so it has been dropped.

Quoted from the company’s official Windows Phone 7 Series, or Windows Phone 7 account it stated “tis the season for Series finales. We’ve got one too – dropping the Series and keeping the Windows Phone 7. Done”. now we just sit and wait patiently until we get news of the new Microsoft phone OS. Source – pocket-lint.com


One thought on “Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series now Windows Phone 7”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    Changing the name before the product is released shows that Microsoft is in chaos. The ridiculous names that it gives its products (such as Windows Phone 7 Series professional) shows that Microsoft cannot relate to consumers.

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