Windows Phone 7 device will be launched by HTC this year

HTC Corporation have already announced plans to release new devices on Windows Phone 7 operating system from Microsoft.

Sadly though there have been very little other details one of which is that the company intend on launching the first such handset before the end of the year. The company already has some Windows Mobile based phones available on the market.

The company are keen to launch the Windows Phone 7 series devices as soon as they can. A recent article published on Forbes, stated that Peter Chou HTC’s Chief Executive Officer has said he was ‘thrilled’ with the changes that Microsoft have made with the new platform version.

It is anticipated that the company will still support the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform from Microsoft and Chou also said that ‘Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 will coexist’ one handset released with the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system on board is the much talked about HTC HD2 which registered very strong sales during it first day. Source – news.softpedia.com via Forbes

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