T Mobile UK has HTC Desire for free from 29th March

T Mobile UK for those of you that didn’t already know have announced their intentions to launch the newly introduced Android 2.1 h based HTC Desire on its airwaves soon.

Yes very soon indeed, it seems as soon as Monday 29th March is the availability date for the handset and that is almost concrete as it has been heard from a company employee.

The employee stated on the forum that the handset is now available on the website with a delivery time of approx 7 days and will be available in stores from 29th March. Apparently it was a technical problem which showed the device being out of stock and that has now been amended.

T mobile UK’s offer for this Android based mobile is just about as appealing as it can be, you can have the HTC Desire for free from the carrier all that is required is the signing of a 24 month contract agreement for £35 per month there are various plan options available too. Source – news.softpedia.com


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  1. Was informed this morning by the upgrade department that the HTC Desire was on hold as it had failed a last minute test. I emailed HTC to enquire about this failure and got the response below:

    New Response From [ Pedro (UK – Ireland Support (Tech)) ]
    Dear Paul

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We would like to be clear over speculation and confirm that the branded HTC Legend has received quality approval and meets all the requirements for public release.

    Also our products can be re-branded to mobile networks and according with the needs they can change the original specifications.

    We won’t comment on any decisions that a network may do to and pass to their customers but T-Mobile is still selling the device and advertising the HTC Desire on their website:
    and the same applies to the other network who is selling our product.

    I trust that this resolves your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required.

    Best regards,

    Pedro S.

    With this response, and obviously beside myself with rage, I called t-mobile to get a genuine answer (I know good luck).

    The upshot of this call is:
    1. the test failed is t-mobile’s, and not HTC’s (not how it was originally, reported to me, but we’ll skip over that).
    2. They cannot explain why the result of this internal test was only disclosed the day before the phone was due to be released.
    3. They ‘understand’ my disappointment, and I’m not the only customer out there who feels that same.
    4. Although I have been ‘pestered’ to upgrade my phone since January, my contract doesn’t actually end until 30th April 2010.
    5. Is there another handset I would like instead?
    6. Because I am obviously ‘upset’, they will call be back on Monday, and If their testing department has released them then, I might get one, and there MIGHT be a discount on the line rental (though towards the end of the call it did seem that they were playing the last part of that down).

    *******************Update on Update**********************
    Had a call as I typed this from the upgrade department, following an email complaining about the situation, result of this call is.

    1. There is nothing wrong with the Desire, and t-mobile will start shipping the phones later today.
    2. Because my contact expirers on the 30th April, I am not permitted a FULL upgrade until one month before the end of my contract. As a ‘highly valued’ customer from January I can have a ‘non-full’ upgrade, i.e. one with a selection of the phones on it. This is the first time anybody has ever mentioned this, if I call up the upgrades department just before I get through I get a recorded message saying that I am eligible for a full upgrade. I am shocked and hurt that the person I spoke to on the other end of the line felt that this was a transparent way of doing business.
    3. All of those people complaining on the various forums about the appalling way in which t-mobile has handled the launch of the HTC Desire, are the ‘trouble making’ minority (ok he didn’t say ‘trouble making’ but it felt as though he was thinking it).

    So where that leaves me, I don’t know, I might get a call on Monday, I might have to go to another network on the 5th April, who knows, I just know that at the moment it feels that you can’t trust anything anybody at t-mobile says.

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