Video: iPad Destruction while iPhone records

Well the iPad has just come out and we have a video for your viewing pleasure of a guy who obviously doesn’t want his iPad and takes to beating ten buckets out of the iPad with a baseball bat while mates stand by recording the destruction with an iPhone.

The video destruction of the iPad comes courtesy of the guys over at gizmodo via ipad insider, and apparently the story is that the guy purchased 3 iPads at Best Buy and then decided smashing the $500 WiFi iPad would be fun.

Seems kind of ironic that you can see at least one person in the video using their iPhone to record the death of the big iPhone like iPad, but I mean come on does this guy have money to simply throw away?

I can almost envisage the guy’s thoughts when swinging that baseball pat…’You iPhone pretender, you will not take anything from the iconic iPhone…die iPad’. Anyway you can view the total destruction of the iPhone’s bigger brother below…enjoy.

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