Nexus One Accessories Turn up at T-Mobile Stores.

It is a fairy good sign that when smartphone accessories start filtering into carrier stores the actual smartphone is sure to follow in reasonably quick succession. Word is that Google Nexus One smartphone protective cases are now finding their way into T-Mobile stores reports intomobile.

And the proof of such happenings is a photo of said Google Nexus One protective case sent in to the guys over at tmotoday, showing said T-Mobile Nexus One HTC gel skin and protective cover.

Furthermore according to the guys the Nexus One could possibly be re-branded as the HTC Nexus One as depicted in the photo rather than the Google phone and they intimate that it could mean that the Nexus One may be sold by T-Mobile in the normal way.

Obviously nothing about re-branding the Nexus One has been confirmed yet, but it is interesting to note that Google doesn’t appear anywhere on the Nexus One accessory packaging.

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