How does Apple iPad WiFi compare to iPhone?

Since the release of the Apple iPad there have been reports that the aluminium casing blocks Wi-Fi signals, and we would love to know if this is a widespread problem.

Dieter over at TiPB said that the WiFi antenna is behind the plastic Apple logo, yes this is apparently supposed to be a very good antenna but the source above found that they were getting a slightly worse reception on the iPad than any other Apple device.

They have tested the connection via dual-band Airport Extreme in 802.11n at home and Linksys in 802.11g at work, however they will be testing it on more routers and compare it to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Please let us know what experiences you have had with the iPad’s Wi-Fi connection, and please do let us know the answer to this question “how does Apple iPad WiFi compare to iPhone?” we cannot wait to see the outcome of both devices.

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