Verizon iPhone Is Wanted Says Verizon CEO

There are many waiting patiently for the arrival of the much talked about Verizon iPhone and it would appear none more so that the CEO of Verizon Communications himself Ivan Seidenberg according to an article over on engadget.

They gained their information via an article over on the WSJ that posted an article concerning a merger deal between Verizon and Vodafone, which by the way he sees “little compelling reason to strike a merger with”.

Seidenberg commented on the Verizon iPhone saying he has “expressed an interest in bringing it to the carrier” however he continued with, he doesn’t know when it would happen as that would be Apple’s call.

He also confirmed that Verizon is open to gaining the iPhone and that the Big Red network if capable of handling the iconic smartphone and as to whether a Verizon iPhone would run on their 3G or 4G LTE network, again he answered “Apple’s call.”

So there it is, Verizon is quite happy to gain the iPhone at some point it would appear, but it is all down to Apple. So what do you think, should Apple deliver a CDMA iPhone to the Big Red this year or hang off until their 4G network is fully functional?


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