MTS Russia Wants to Acquire Multiregion Reports Reuters

MTS is Russia’s top mobile operator and apparently according to an article on Reuters has applied to the competition watchdog with a view to gain approval to purchase provider Multiregion in an aim to lift their share in the broadband internet market.

Apparently mobile phone operators in Russia are looking to deliver a boost to their exposure in the so far undeveloped broadband market while Russian mobile phone penetration hits almost 145% and data transfers become the main driver of sales rather than voice.

MTS spokeswoman, Yelena Kokhanovskaya states “This asset fits in our strategy of strengthening our position on the broadband internet and cable TV market.” However Kokhanovskaya did state that MTS has yet to decide on bidding for Meuliregion or not.

Apparently Russian newspaper have quoted unnamed sources saying the acquisition is valued somewhere between $150 million and $250 million; however, Kokhanovskaya declined to state a figure on just how much MTS was willing to offer.

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