Verizon iPhone 4G: Big Red CEO says its Apple’s call

There have been many rumours about the new Verizon Apple iPhone 4G, and now there is an update from a Big Red CEO.

We found an article over on product-reviews.net that is very interesting indeed; apparently the Verizon CEO recently had a phone call stating that it is ‘Apple’s call’ on the proposed move. Now it is a matter of time before we hear some real hard evidence if Verizon will gain the Apple iPhone, but at least things are moving.

According to product-reviews.net the report originally posted on CNBC reveals that Verizon would love to have the Apple’s device on their network, this is all possible but it is Apple’s call as mentioned above.

Obviously this could add more collateral to all the CDMA Verizon iPhone speculations that we have heard over the last few months, could this really mean and new CDMA iPhone this summer?

Just a recap: The above news came after Apple announcing an event where they will reveal the iPhone OS 4.0; this will be introduced to the public for the first time.

It is about time the Apple Verizon negotiations got underway, and to hear that Verizon wishes to speak with Apple is very exciting to say the least.

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