iPhone OS 4.0: Can you jailbreak me?

This morning we reported that the new iPhone OS 4.0 is coming April 8 and invites has already been sent out, then we updated you with its release possibly coming within the next 48 hours.

Well the question many would love to know the answer to is “Can you jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0?” Well according to QuickPwn this is possible but only after release, it does depend on what device you are using though.

The other thing to think about is if Apple decides to patch the exploit, Comex who is a hacker recently found an iPad jailbreak, but this will not be released until the iPad 3G is released.

Another point put across is, if the iPad jailbreak is released before iPhone OS 4.0 Apple may permanently disable a jailbreak for iPhone 3GS and iPad and even its users.

Hackers are very clever indeed and have always managed to exploit its firmware, the above is very interesting indeed and we would love to know what your thoughts are.

Can the iPhone OS 4.0 be jailbroken?


One thought on “iPhone OS 4.0: Can you jailbreak me?”

  1. someone says:

    Yes i think so because software is all ways changing, if iphone os 4 will not allow jailbreaking then "hackers" will find away around it but it can take a long time to code a jailbreak for the iphone os 4. but "hackers" have done the jailbreak to almost all of the other iphone os so why would this one be any different.

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