New Releases: Mobile Online Bingo for phones and iPad

Online Bingo has been spoken about being on smartphones a lot for some years, but only a few mobile platforms that target handsets include MMM Bingo, but there has been no real of its mobile version of their products.

Tami Bayliss over at WikiBingo has some very interesting pointers, since the release of the iPhone and many applications on the App Store and of course Google and Nokia with its very own app stores, the hope for online bingo to hit the mobile market has not really happened.

Could this mean that the online bingo experience is not as good on a small smartphone screen, then again playing online bingo and chatting to friends at the same time and playing other friends is not achievable at the moment on smartphones (Multitasking baby is what we are on about here).

The good news is that the iPad has been released now in the US and the first bingo application is called ‘Live Bingo Jumbo’ and is free to download. Anyway can you ever see smartphones getting real online bingo game in the future?

Now to tell you the truth we do not know a lot about this sector so we are only reporting what we have read over on the source above website.

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