T Mobile Video ad stars HTC HD2 with fast processor

Released into the wild by T Mobile is a great video advertisement for you to peruse over for the high end HTC HD2 device.

The Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC have themselves already launched a range of videos touting the amazing capabilities of this cool Windows Mobile based device. This new ad was published by T Mobile USA on their very own YouTube channel.

The video states “introducing HTC HD2 exclusively from T Mobile. The Ultra thin HTC HD2 features a 4.3 inch high resolution display that delivers a truly cinematic experience”.

The HTC HD2 is also the first Windows Phone that has a capacitive touch screen and is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor making this really fast and smooth when you move from app to app browse through websites or when playing games.

The HTC HD2 came to the US around 10 days ago exclusively at T Mobile, the new device packs lots of additional features and applications, although the phone will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 users are still drawn to it. Source – news.softpedia.com via tmonews.com

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