The desirable HTC Desire out of stock at Vodafone and T Mobile

It was not a secret as last week it was reported in numerous places that the Android HTC Desire would be being released on April 8Th with Vodafone and that orders were being taken ahead of the release by both T Mobile and also Carphone Warehouse.

Surprisingly though it seems that the phone is in apparent short supply which has in turn prompted UK delays from both of the carriers. Somebody at T3 has already pre ordered the handset but has received an email from Vodafone which states the phone was unexpectedly out of stock.

Vodafone have since confirmed much to the delighted of those eagerly awaiting the HTC Desire that they will have more stock available within 7-10 working days. Not quite the 8th April date we hoped for. Passing the buck a representative from Vodafone has claimed that the problem was with HTC.

HTC have so far not comments but have confirmed that the Desire is in very high demand. T Mobile have also confirmed that they are also out of stock and they had no information on when it will become available. So it looks like we have another little wait on our hands before the middle of next week unless something else crops up of course. Source – t3.com


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  1. Just an update, i received my HTC Desire today after receiving an email stating it was out of stock with availability in 7-10 days. I think vodafone received there stock earlier than expected as it was delivered on time. There is a lot of happy people including myself who are now busy discovering the world of HTC sense.

  2. A236 says:

    There are an awful lot of people who are still waiting, suffering from stock problems at Vodafone and conflicting information – check out the Vodafone forums

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