Verizon HTC Incredible or iPhone, which will release first?

When it comes to release dates, the Verizon HTC Incredible and the much-anticipated Verizon iPhone is what all consumers wish to know about, but what will come first.

We have heard rumours of Apple bringing a brand new CDMA iPhone to Verizon, we know it is coming but it is a matter of when, could it be 2010 or 2011? Time will tell as they say, and we will be right there when the news breaks.

There are rumours that the HTC Incredible will get its Verizon release sometime this month, yet again all speculations. We have posted many articles covering these two smartphones and as usual we will have to sit back patiently and wait for the real release dates.

Whilst we do sit here and ponder on the thoughts of when these handsets will release, please let us know the answer to this question “Verizon HTC Incredible or iPhone, which will release first?” We know Verizon is getting both, but we do not know when.


2 thoughts on “Verizon HTC Incredible or iPhone, which will release first?”

  1. zack says:

    wow that has to be the dumbest article i have ever read.
    which will come first..
    of course the htc incredible…. the verizon iphone is just a damn rumor and its not going to happen

    1. Ame says:

      your stupid. if its the dumbest article youve ever read. then you dont have to be rude. you could just keep your opinions to yourself.
      and your stupid for thinking that verizon wont get an iphone. You dont know. Your not the CEO of verizon are you? I didnt think so.

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