Confirmed on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S Android fans growing concern

Said to be a Smartphone that belongs in the top notch area of the Android category is the Samsung Galaxy S.

It is expected to be competing against the likes of the Motorola Droid, the Nexus One and also the HTC EVO 4G. The arrival of this Smartphone in the United States is just around the corner although that is exciting news for some there is a little niggling problem which is annoying Android fanatics and causing some concern.

The Samsung Galaxy S is on its way to AT&T in the US and that is the reason all the Android fanatics are as anxious as they are. Think back to the way AT&T treated its two current Androids the Motorola Backflip and also the Dell Aero.

The Galaxy S is a cool super handset with a 4 inch OLED screen the fastest 1GHz processor assisted by a dedicated graphics processor and is also the first Smartphone to support 720p DivX. Nevertheless the hardware of the Galaxy S could be wasted if AT&T decide to cripple or hinder the Android capability of this mobile, in the same way as it has treated the current devices. Source – devicemag.com via Nexus404.com


One thought on “Confirmed on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S Android fans growing concern”

  1. sublimenaz says:

    If this is true I'll be pissed as hell at Samsung and/or T-mobile for wasting such a great phone on such an android hating carrier. I'm getting so frustrated with the lack of high-end android phones on T-mobile who, in my opinion, is the true android carrier.

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