iPhone Future: iPhone OS 4.0 with iAds

Tomorrow the world will hopefully get a glimpse at the new iPhone operating system, iPhone OS 4.0 and it is hoped the OS will deliver a new interface and multitasking and according to an article over on gizmodo the arrival of the next generation of iPhone adverts.

Apparently Peter Kafka of MediaMemo says that Apple will announce their mobile advertising network which is the zenith of Apple’s $275 million acquisition of mobile ad company Quattro, and that Apple will announce their iAd mobile ad platform the day they give a sneak peek at iPhone OS 4.0.

The report notes that Apple chief Steve Jobs refers to the iAd mobile ad platform as “revolutionary and our next big thing.”

Although the iAd name could change as it is similar to iPad and could be swapped out for AdKit, and Kafka believes that the network will be available to developers on other platforms.

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