iPhone Not Viable Profit Gaming Platform Says Nintendo

With the iPhone in so many hands and the availability of so many iPhone gaming apps, one would think that Nintendo would be worried about the iPhone taking over in the gaming world, but according to an article over on intomobile you’d be wrong.

According to the president of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, in an interview with Kotaku, he says that according to data while iPhone users are constantly downloading apps they use them for a short while then move onto the next, and it doesn’t appear the platform is a viable profit platform for gaming development due to many of the games being free.

It’s not just the iPhone but also the iPod touch and the new iPad he is talking about, and although Fils-Aimes should know what he’s talking about considering the likes of the Nintendo DS and Wii destroying the gaming competition, until Nintendo devices gain some type on mobile connectivity the iPhone will deliver the ability of games on the go.

According to Fils-Aimes the gaming experience on such devices as the iPhone and others isn’t comparable to that of a dedicated gaming device, and comparing gaming to food said that if Nintendo games are like snacks and full meals depending on game type, then Apple devices are not even a mouthful.

So, what do you think, is playing games on the iPhone nowhere near as good as playing on a dedicated gaming device?

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