Sony Ericsson 4G Concept is up against iPhone 4G

Thanks to the guys over at concept-phones.com for details of this one via Esato.com board.

It seems there is a new kid on the block well on the Esato board anyway, angad2050 has created a rather interesting looking Sony Ericsson 4G concept.

This is a cool looking full touchscreen device, with some rather interesting placed call and end call keys also there is a touch Home button that has been placed a little bit too close to the row at the bottom of on screen shortcuts.

The device also supports Google Goggles, Facebook, G Talk and also the Android Market. So what we‘re looking at is a 4G Android Smartphone which is made by Sony Ericsson merely just a design at the moment but what’s going through your mind. Share your views and comments with us. Do you think Sony should release this concept? What would Apple make of it?

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