US Cellular Service Better Than Europe or Asia Says Verizon CEO

Verizon has the best cellular service in the US when compared with the likes of AT&T and their abysmal service with the iPhone. However apparently Verizon also believes that US cellular service is the best in the world and better then Europe or Asia reports and article over on 247wallst.

Word has it Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg said to the Council of Foreign Relations that the cellular service quality in America is better than any in Europe and Asia.

Seidenberg then apparently according to a post on pcmag, moved on to attack the government for intervening in telco business operations at roughly the same time a US Court of Appeals halted the “net neutrality” efforts of the Federal Communications Commission and stated that any time the government decided they know the what the market wants and makes it a static requirement, you always lose.

Apparently Siedenberg’s bragging of US wireless service doesn’t appear to be based on any factual data, and he didn’t offer any insight to his claim, but did point to the heavy use of mobile phones by Americans especially the high percentage of smartphone usage.

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