Feature rich apps on BlackBerry Platform: RIM release enhanced Java & Web tools

Research In Motion have recently released updated Java ands also Web based development tools for the BlackBerry Platform.

The Java Plug in for the Eclipse v1.1 and also the Web plug in v2.0 both offer new and exciting capabilities in order to make things even easier when creating feature rich applications.

Using the new tools developers will see the benefits as they will be able to build both quickly and easily web based BlackBerry Widgets or Java applications. These will be able to share information across and also interact with a BlackBerry Smartphone’s inbox, calendar and other native BlackBerry applications and deliver a highly engaging user experience.

The BlackBerry Platform evolves continuously and these new tool enhancements make deleting apps easier and also much faster than before. Alan Brenner SVP BlackBerry developing at RIM said we believe these enhanced tools will spur a new level of creativity and innovations as developers find new ways to leverage the unique power. And bring useful applications to the millions of BlackBerry Smartphone users around the world. Source – marketwatch.com

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