BlackBerry Dominates Mobile Downloads Claims Report

The good old BlackBerry smartphone, for some time now BlackBerry has felt the pressure of others snapping at its heels and make any real headlines like the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and even Palm’s webOS.

However today BlackBerry does grab a headline as according to an article over on phone dog who gained their information from a report by myxer, BlackBerry dominates when it comes to mobile content downloads.

Myxer has a user base of about 33 million that is formed of users of all major platforms, and their March report shows that the majority of their users use a BlackBerry smartphone and on average download more content than the users of other platforms.

Apparently BlackBerry users are the most active when it comes to downloading content accounting or some 72 percent of 22 million downloads on Myxer during March with the BlackBerry Curve 8330 being the most active handset on Myxer and accounting for 4.8 million downloads in the month.

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