Lenovo Looking to Acquire Palm?

You are probably aware that Palm and their webOS smartphones the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi don’t seem to be fairing too well these days and there has been quite a bit of speculation that Palm has had its day and is nearing the end as their saviour smartphones simply don’t have the guts to bring them back from the brink.

There has been a rumour that Nokia would be the one to purchase Palm, but now according to an article over on unwired view, there’s another large company that may be interested in acquiring Palm, and that is Lenovo according to info on electronista.

Now Lenovo is mainly known for being the world’s 4th largest PC manufacturer and is quite well known for their laptops and such, and have even entered into the smartphone space before with their Android platform based LePhone.

Obviously at this stage it’s all just rumour and webOS does have potential, and maybe Lenovo does have a few reasons why they would want to buy Palm; however of course it may never happen and remain just another rumour, but apparently said rumour did lift Palm’s stock for a while.

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