Official iPhone OS 4.0: New features and Release Date

The release date of the new iPhone OS 4.0 will be this summer of 2010; there will be many features that looks to be very exciting indeed.

Oh yes Apple is back, this new software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will release in the summer but developers will be able to preview it today. The main feature has to be multitasking, which we mentioned a little earlier.

The new features that the iPhone OS 4.0 will bring you includes: Multitasking, Wallpaper, Spell check, Bluetooth keyboard support, Playlist creation and nested playlists, Tap to focus when recording video, just like with photos, and a 5x digital zoom for the camera.

The developers will have a few smiles on their faces seeing as they will get: Full access to the camera, Date and address “data detectors.” Background VoIP, Background audio, Local notifications similar to push notifications, Background location data, both with live GPS for backgrounded turn-by-turn, and cell tower-based for lower power draw.

Devs will also see Fast app switching and so much more, we will keep you posted as much as we can. Please visit Engadget for more information.


4 thoughts on “Official iPhone OS 4.0: New features and Release Date”

    1. dutch says:

      ahhh n/m its not worth it… it's released when its released… lol so all in all?????? its a waiting game… we lose apple wins…. lol

  1. dutch says:

    hmmm all the hype, hoooooopla etc etc… so when??? It's so weird.. hush hush on a release date…. lol…. like apple is pushing the envelope on this one.. no matter how much you push the envelope… it's still stationary whats the big deal.. i mean really… people are still going to buy it reguardless….. oh well.

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