iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking confirmed for platform

Now after all the rumours over the last few weeks about multitasking on the iPhone and now it has been confirmed.

The iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event that started about 30-minutes ago has finally made it official that the iPhone will be able to multitask. Multitasking has been brought to the platform, which means Apple managed to find away around things for it to work properly.

When we mean working properly, we actually mean it running without hurting the performance of the battery life, Engadget is running a live blog on this event and go on to say you can double click the home button and see a list of your apps, it will be simple to use and so much so you can just tap to switch between apps.

The new system allows the apps to run in the background, there will be seven different services, which include background audio that will use standard popover iPod controls.

Please visit engadget who is running the live blog of the Apple Event.

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