Will Skyfire come to BlackBerry? Why they chose Android

Skyfire announced that were to rebuild the browser for the BlackBerry platform, and beta releases were released with not a lot to go on but hype of seeing it on other platforms.

It all went a little quite according to CrackBerry when it came to their BlackBerry development, well Skyfire have at last come forward to give reasons in why they chose Android development over BlackBerry.

In short terms to keep it brief, Skyfire chose the Android because it is a fast-rising ecosystem and it has a rich open developer environment, Blackberry developer environment is not as favourable for cutting-edge application development.

They do say that they will return to Blackberry in the future seeing as there will be a much improved developer environment in their 6.0 OS coming at the end of this year.

Wonder how long it will be before they bring it browser to the BlackBerry platform, please read more over at Skyfire.

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