iPhone OS 4.0 Event 2010: Do you want Print Support?

Today is a massive day and one that all should get excited about, we are sitting here waiting patiently until 6PM UK time for the iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event 2010 to start.

At the moment many speculations are coming forward when it comes to the event and what will be announced, and here we have a few. We would hope that the new iPhone OS 4.0 will feature, contacts shortcuts on the homescreen, multitouch all over the UI as well as a new UI, global mail, multitasking and tethering.

According to SoftSailor another new feature for the operating system could include print support, they found a quote in the iWorks support files as follows: “Printing directly from iPad is not currently available.”

If this were true that would mean you could print direct from the iPad and the iPhone included, great news if this is mentioned today.

We will be covering the iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event, which kicks off at 6PM UK time. Keep coming back for all the latest news.

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