iPhone OS 4.0 Today but What Do you expect?

Yes people today is the day Apple unveil iPhone OS 4.0 and several sites will be running live coverage of the event which begins at 10:00AM PT or for us in the UK 6:00PM, but what is expected to come with the new iPhone OS 4.0?

Well the guys over at maclife have come up with a wish list of ten things they would like to see iPhone OS 4.0 bring today at the Apple event in Cupertino.

So first of on that list is custom background icons as it does seem somewhat ridiculous that users still need to jailbreak their iPhone to gain this. Second is good old multitasking, something that has been reported as possible being in iPhone OS 4.0 and to be honest it’s about time multitasking came to the iPhone.

Third is a new iPhone user interface, the old interface is well old and it is about time the iPhone user interface receives a facelift. Fourth comes the ability to remove certain 1st party apps from the iPhone homescreen as if there’s an app you don’t really use then why not be able to get rid of it.

Fifth is customised icons, there are many available to jailbroken iPhones and it would be quite nice for this ability to finally come to all iPhone users such as drag and drop icons. Sixth on the list is an update to Safari so that it has more editing features.

Seventh in line is the ability to download MP3s from any website and add them into iTunes. In eighth positing on the wish list is the arrival of a homescreen in landscape mode, having to constantly switch back and forth from landscape to portrait mode while switching from app to app is a pain and needs to be addressed.

Almost there with a widget homepage, maybe something similar to rival Android and allowing iPhone users to have whatever widget they want on the homescreen. Lastly comes the good old text message alerts with customisable sounds for text messages.

So that’s the 10 things on their iPhone OS 4.0 wish list, but what about you, is there anything else you’d like to see in iPhone OS 4.0 when it is unveiled today?

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