Verizon new devices launching really soon Incredible HTC? 25th April

We all know following the recent buzz and hype surrounding all the somewhat tedious and very repetitive rumours that it seems Verizon do have something that’s coming out way very soon.

The guesswork of when we are likely to see anything new has gone on for some time now, but then an email was sent by Verizon to their employees with a picture which is attached for you to look at. “New devices launching really soon”.

Of course this doesn’t state which devices but we would be hopeful that this does include the HTC Incredible, BlackBerry Tour 9650 and the Nexus One.

There is a little more good news though, as apparently there has been a post at Android forums which claims a Verizon representative has confirmed that the carrier will be getting the Incredible on April 25th. The much talked about HTC Incredible is a high end Android 2.1 Smartphone with a WVA touchscreen display and a nice Snapdragon processor. Remember Verizon are also rumoured to be launching a new iPhone and also two Microsoft phones.

I’m sure will be put in the picture very soon but the question still remains if not 25th April then when? Source – berryscoop.com
via boygeniusreport.com

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