HTC EVO 4G Sprint Release Date Possibly Revealed

Ok so we’ve all be patiently waiting word on when HTC’s new 4G smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G would land on Sprint and it appears that the guys over at engadget have got the goods on a possibly release date for the HTC EVO 4G.

Apparently the word is “ a lot of upper management” at Sprint have been gabbing about Sunday the 13th of June as being the possibly release date for the HTC EVO 4G which is just over a couple of months away, and does line up with the rumoured summer release.

However, we say possible release date because their contacts at Sprint say the date isn’t set solid and could well move, but the two possibilities at present seem to be either the 6th of June or the 13th and the 13th is getting the attention.

Furthermore there is a rumour on the pricing of using the HTC EVO 4G to surf the 4G waves coming in at a $10 to $20 plan add on and should include the HTC EVO 4G’s eight device WiFi hotspot capability; more as and when we hear.

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