Nostalgia Goes Luxury with Gold Brick Phone

If you simply love the nostalgia of the past then this luxurious mobile phone maybe just your kind of thing. Bringing back the early days of the humble mobile phone and shoving it smack bang into the 21st Century we have the Prive phone.

According to the article over on gizmodo, there are only 10 of these luxury handsets in existence with each brick style nostalgia mobile phone being coated in shiny 22ct gold and adorned with the sparkle of 76 diamonds studded round the LCD.

The luxury handsets have been created by Stuart Hughes who says the handsets are “bristling with the latest tech, a colour screen, Text SMSD and WAP” Well maybe not the “latest tech.”

However if you fancy a piece of nostalgia in your mobile phone these will hit your back account to the tune of a not so nostalgic £139.995, that’s roughly $212.400 of your Yankee greenbacks.

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