How to Use iPhone Camera With Your iPad

Ok so you are probably aware that although the iPad uses the iPhone OS what it doesn’t have is a camera, but according to an article over on gizmodo, you can utilise the iPhone camera so it will work with your almost large iPhone type iPad.

So how’s it done? Well apparently it’s all in the apps, two actually. You need to download CameraA app and CameraB app onto your iPhone and iPhone wannbe iPad, and apparently CameraA costs a dollar while CameraB comes free gratis.

When both apps are installed, CameraA on the iPhone and CameraB on the iPad link them via your Bluetooth, open up the apps and bingo one iPad taking pictures and video and everything your iPhone sees so will your iPad.

Just one small point though before you all rush to grab the applications, this only works with the iPhone 3GS and the iPad and no other iPhone model.

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