Video : Casing and screen shown of iPhone 4G

Another video for you to look at and peruse at your leisure, which has been put together by the same chaps who first showed the iPhone 4G assembly.

They have compiled another video with about half the focus and twice the coldplay. Pay particular attention to the casing as you can see the gap where a forward facing camera would so nicely fit.

Also you can see the tinted lens through which the proximity sensor will now work, as it wont be able to fit on the left anymore. There have been numerous rumours which have indicated that video calling will be coming to the next gen iPhone, which could be unveiled as soon as tomorrow.

Together with OS 4.0, and other rumoured specs including a 940 x 640 display, and an Apple A4 processor and CDMA bands for Verizon. Lets just sit back and wait after all it may not be that far away after all lets see what the announcement tomorrow gives us. Source – intomobile.com

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