iPhone vs. iPad Comparison: iPad Faster than iPhone 3GS

According to recent benchmark tests Apple’s latest creation the iPad is roughly twice as fast as the iconic iPhone 3GS reports an article over on computer world, with Craig Hockenberry of Iconfactory saying on avaerage the Apple iPad executes native apps about twice as fast as the iPhone 3GS.

Hockenberry posted the results of the tests between the iPad and iPhone 3GS native app performance and JavaScript speeds to his personal blog, and measured the speed of the iPad and iPhone 3GS running an app written with Apple’s Cocoa Touch API and using the SDK.

Although the iPhone runs iPhone 3.0 and the iPad runs iPhone 3.2, the iPad’s JavaScript performance increases were less impressive and Hockenberry commented that “The same 2x improvement is not seen for the same benchmarks when executing JavaScript code in Web pages. Things have definitely improved [in the iPad], but there was a wide variation in results when performing the tests. I suspect that just-in-time compilation or other similar types of caching are affecting the results.”

According to the CEO of Portage, a company that supplies parts and repairs the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Aaron Vronko, performance increases over the iPhone 3GS are in line with what was expected based on the single core ARM Cortex-A9 processor running at 1GHz, and he expects the Apple iPad to run software at 85 percent to 90 percent faster than the iPhone 3GS.

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