iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Video Posted by Apple

It’s now the day after the iPhone OS 4.0 event and if you have missed all the coverage you can now catch up with what went on at the iPhone OS 4.0 even as according to an article over on macobserver Apple has now posted a preview video to their website.

So if you don’t fancy reading up on all the post covering everything that went on during the event you can now view the video which when clicked on at the Apple website launches a quicktime player.

Quite a few things were revealed during the iPhone OS 4.0 event so be prepared to set aside a bit of viewing time for this one as the video preview of iPhone OS 4.0 lasts an hour.

However if you can spare the time the video does cover the major parts of the iPhone OS 4.0 event, and is easier than reading as you can always reduce the video and simply listen to want was said, anyway you can locate the iPhone OS 4.0 video by clicking here.

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