Mobile Phones possibly cut off in Crime Fight for Millions of Mexicans

If you just happen to reside in Mexico you may find your mobile phone won’t work this weekend if you haven’t yet registered you mobile phone number thanks to a new government law which could see millions of Mexicans going without their mobile phones reports an article over on gizmodo.

According to the article originating from Reuters, there are still roughly 30 million mobile phones unregistered in Mexico and if the owners don’t send their personal contact details via text message to their mobile network they could see their handsets cut off on this Saturday’s deadline.

The new law which was passed by the Mexican government a year ago is meant to reduce mobile phone related crime according to the government and the boss of Mexico’s largest network, Carlos Slim.

However, rival to Slim’s America Movil network, Telefonica has opposed the new law and have stated they will not cut off anyone’s line as the ability to call and send texts “can not be denied to the population,” however I’m sure the government won’t see it that way and more than likely those 30 million or so will see their mobile phone cut off.

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