Palm Pixi spotted on 02 billboard in Germany

It looks like the Palm Pixi may be on its way to 02 which would tie in with the recent rumours which havent died down. it looks like now there is even more that makes the rumours stack up.

What’s more a billboard in Hamburg Germany has a huge picture which displays the Palm Pixi so where is the Palm Pre Plus? It’s not visible on the billboard.

The rumours carry on regardless around the launch this or next month of the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi or the Palm Pixi Plus including Wi-Fi in Europe. The picture of the billboard seems to confirm it.

02 Germany got hold of the original Palm Pre the same time as 02 UK got hold of it. It would seem that Palm have been sprucing up the Palm Pixi ready for it’s European release that’s for sure. Until we find more evidence we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source – electricpig.co.uk

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