iPhone OS 4.0 shows iChatAgent, video chat coming

It appears that the new iPhone OS 4.0 features something known as iChatAgent, reports an article over on tipb who gained the image above from the guys over at tuaw who say this suggests that Apple plans to implement iChat on the iPhone in some form.

You are probably aware that iChat is an instant messaging client for Mac OS X which also includes voice chat and video chat along with several other features and as tuaw says it is unlikely Apple would introduce an instant messaging application without video conferencing support.

So could this iChatAgent in iPhone OS 4.0 mean that we could see iChat video chat coming when iPhone OS 4.0 is released this summer presumable at Apple’s WWDC 2010 on the 27th of June?

And if so, does this then mean we can expect the next generation iPhone, iPhone 4G, or whatever you want to call it, which is also rumoured to be unveiled at WWDC 2010, sporting a front facing camera? What do you think?

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