iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date Summer 2010

Well as you are probably aware by all the coverage it is getting the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event went off as planned and now we virtually know all about what iPhone OS 4.0 will bring to the iPhone, and we posted numerous reports on the event ourselves.

So just to make sure everyone in on the same page with iPhone OS 4.0 and its release, a preview of iPhone OS 4.0 is available for developer to download as of right now; however, shipments of iPhone OS 4.0 will be released later in the summer of this year.

Just in case you missed everything that went on with iPhone OS 4.0 here’s a quick recap of what the new iPhone operating system offers…

The much rumoured and talked about multitasking feature now arrives for the iPhone with iPhone OS 4.0 although any Apple device below the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G will not see the multitasking feature which is somewhat of a downer for some unless they upgrade of course.

Once iPhone OS 4.0 hits you’ll be able to create folders for all your applications and these folders are created by ‘stacking apps on top of each other and the folder is automatically created which enables the user to house more apps on their iPhone.

Other stuff includes the inclusion of iAds mobile advertising which will see the ads placed into apps rather than search, and a new feature known as Games Centre which includes a gaming social network.

So is there anything that wasn’t included in iPhone OS 4.0 that you would have like to have seen if so drop us a comment below.


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